three things thursday

FALSE. I regret most of yesterday's workout.

1. I’m so. unbelievably. sore. On Tuesday, I bought a 10 lb kettlebell, and yesterday, both Jason and I did some workouts with it (from the website). Today, I can hardly move. My triceps are killing me (might have something to do with the 150 reps of 40 lb bench presses I did Monday night) (also, it hurts to put my hair up, or take a drink, or hug Jason), and my inner back legs hurt so much it hurts to sit down or get up from a chair. Jason laughs at me every time I try to get up, and then I snicker every time he complains about being sore. We’re quite the hot couple right now.

My favorite person.

2. I’m in Chicago with Jason while he’s attending a seminar, and I’m taking advantage of having cable channels: I’ve watched about 4 hours of House Hunters today, and I’m getting excited about buying a house someday. Some of the places look gorgeous, and people (usually women) seem to nitpick random things that they don’t like… and then other times, people love things that I think are just awful. It’s kinda fun to see what others like, even if I don’t necessarily agree. :)

3. I have another interview on Tuesday, and I’m slowly getting over my disappointment about not hearing back from the other job that I really wanted. Though I would have really loved that job, I’m glad that I get to spend some time with EJV. Once I actually get a job, I know that I won’t have much time to go on random trip with him, and it’s so nice to just hang out. Like I said earlier in the week, sometimes a three-minute date is all I need, but I certainly won’t say no to a five day weekend.

What’s going on in your life?

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