3 minute date

Warning: This may be cheesy. If you hate love, you should probably stop reading. [Also, why do you hate love??]

Have you ever stopped in the middle of something ordinary, something that doesn’t look special or important from the outside, and thought “I should remember this… this is perfect”?

Yesterday, I drove to pick up Jason after he was done working, and we ran to Whole Foods to grab some things for dinner. Since my sisters were at our apartment, we weren’t doing our usual peruse-every-single-thing-like-we-don’t-shop-there-at-least-once-a-week slow crawl, and after grabbing the necessities we made a dash for the checkout line, where it seemed that everyone and their mom was grabbing last-minute dinner supplies. Right before we got there, I grabbed a single-serve bag of Kettle Brand Salt & Vinegar chips, and Jason grabbed a ginger beer.

Before we drove home, we busted out the chips and ginger beer, and spent three minutes alternating crunching and swigging, while listening to the radio and chatting about our days.

It was perfect. It was the mini-est of dates, and I told Jason that we should remember to do this when we have kids. Of course, he did the math, and quickly computed that if we were to pay a nanny $8-$15 an hour for an extra hour every single day for a year, we would get 260 hours together for $2080-$3900Of course, we wouldn’t have to do it every single day, and it would probably get pricey to go to the grocery store every single weekday, but at a rate of once a week, the yearly cost would come down to $416-$780. Add in the cost of the snacks ($183), and you’re still under a $1000 for the year. That seems like a small price to pay to have a little time to reconnect with my husband over a bag of chips and a soda. And some days, that’s all I need. :)

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