Who makes YOUR life better?

On my mind today:
+ Friends. It’s easy to lose perspective of what is actually important in your life, and I think that’s why we have friends. I’ve said this before, but it’s good to remember why you picked certain people to be in your life. Every single one of the people that I saw during my trip improves my life by being in it.
+ Family. I often look at my family and feel like we have very little in common beyond our genetic makeup. But they will always be in my life… Just because we’re very different people doesn’t mean that we don’t need one another.
+ Relationships. I don’t think that you can’t be happy if you’re not in a relationship, but I like being married, and (usually) working towards a common goal. I like having someone to come home to, someone to have brunch with, someone who loves me despite myself. I like knowing that while I could do all sorts of things on my own, I don’t have to. This doesn’t make me desperate, or anti-feminist (oh, please)… It makes me a person who loves having a partner, to celebrate good things with, and to lean on during hard times.
If you have a person like that, hug him (or her) tight, and make sure to voice your appreciation.

Happy Monday! What was your favorite part of the weekend?

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